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Treatment of donations

Hands Across Canberra accepts all costs in administering and managing the website. The community service organisation (CSO) will receive the donation amount made minus the fees incurred with collecting and distributing the donation on its behalf - currently Hands Across Canberra is underwriting this cost so the CSO receives the full donation amount. This is subject to change.  Hands Across Canberra must provide electronic receipts on behalf of the CSO (where authorised to do so by the CSO) to the Donors whose addresses are complete.


Hands Across Canberra will send to the CSO a record of the donations received and the names and addresses of the Donors.


Hands Across Canberra acknowledges the information it obtains from the Donors in connection with any donation to the CSO is the property of the CSO. Hands Across Canberra will not use this information other than as set out in an agreement with the CSO or as required by law or as consented to by the CSO or the Donor.


All donations are securely processed via the eWAY payment platform. eWAY is a PCI-DSS level 1 compliant payment provider, with all card data encrypted and protected by hardened systems. eWay is externally audited each year to ensure we are Tier 1 PCI DSS compliant, the highest level of compliance mandated by the major credit card schemes. Credit card data stored by eWAY is encrypted using Ingrian devices to provide the highest level of protection available. Ingrian devices provide tamper-resistant protection of cryptographic keys to ensure encrypted data is kept private and secure. For further information about eWay visit www.eway.com.au.

The Site and Services are designed to merely clear transactions or data to your selected Australian bank using the existing EFTPOS network. eWAY accepts no responsibility for the delivery of the transactions to the eWAY server. It is your responsibility to ensure that these details are correct (e.g. correct card number, amount) and securely passed to the eWAY server.

Before using the Site, you should read this Agreement carefully and ensure that you understand ALL of the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to ALL Terms and Conditions and accept them, then you must not use the Site or the Services. If you agree to the Terms and Conditions unconditionally and without reservation you will be given the opportunity to click the "I agree the Terms and Conditions" checkbox during the payment process.


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Data mining

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Infringing material

If you become aware of any material on the website that you believe infringes your or any other person's copyright, please report this by email to info@handsacrosscanberra.org.au