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Warehouse Circus is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the mental and physical health of young people through the medium of social circus. We foster a co-operative environment rather than a competitive one, and aim to give everyone an opportunity to learn fun skills they can show off with. Warehouse Circus started in 1990 as a Youth Centre program and has continued to grow into its now 29th year in the Canberra region. We have a host of programs including core circus programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced performers, adult classes, school holiday programs, and workshops and performances for community festivals and other events. Currently almost 35 training and office staff deliver over 50 weekly classes teaching more than 600 students , across 3 main venues. We have training facilities at the Chifley health and well-being Hub, the University of Canberra High School Kaleen, both in the high school elective program for day school students and external after school programs for general public. Our Mission; Warehouse Circus is also the Collaborative Centre for Circus Arts in Canberra. Warehouse Circus is developing and delivering inclusive, youth circus programs and training opportunities that foster artistic vibrancy, diversity and innovation in young circus artists. We are supporting the social, physical and career development of participants at all levels, from beginners to advanced and recreational to professional. We pride ourselves on collaborating with other arts organisations to strengthen local circus arts practice and provide diverse opportunities for both performers and audiences. We are an active contributor to the National Youth Circus Sector, heavily involved in national events such as Catapult Festival and the National Youth Circus Symposium. Annual performances to the public in professional theater's highlight the senior students achievements. In-house family shows each semester, various community events and tailored collaborative shows with our special education partners extend all the students sense of pride and achievement while giving back to their local community and enhancing their social standing and overall well-being.

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