EveryMan Australia

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Areas of Impact: Men; Mental Health

EveryMan Australia supports men, particularly men living with complex needs, and their partners and families, and Indigenous families and individuals requiring support to prevent homelessness and assistance with other needs and concerns.

Our service users come with a diverse range of needs, ranging from separation, parenting and family matters, social isolation and depression through to more challenging issues including domestic and family violence, mental health, drug and alcohol issues, intellectual disability, involvement with the justice or child protection systems, acquired brain injury, and homelessness.

Our current range of services include:

  • Counselling
  • Outreach support
  • Case management
  • Information and referral
  • Supported accommodation
  • Violence prevention and behaviour change

In the process of meeting with and supporting our service users, we are constantly reminded that people living in Canberra and the region have need for a range of resources which are beyond the scope and capacity of our current programs and of those to be found in the wider community.

Some of these we have identified as having high priority in planning new areas of activity for EveryMan:

  • developing specialist services for people using violence outside of their homes â₏“ in the workplace, in sporting clubs, schools and other social settings
  • supporting men with special needs including e.g. personal difficulties related to their experience of violence or living with acquired brain injury, and supporting their partners and families
  • advanced skills development for staff and sound research to help our organisation improve its capacity to provide high standards of service to men being supported by our programs
  • building a community support program for men who are socially isolated
  • counselling support to men living at home with restricted mobility and for prisoners in the AMC
  • capacity for incidental financial support e.g. emergency travel, food, medication and clothing

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