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Area of Impact: Disability and Special Needs

Our consumers and self-advocates are the people that don't get to have a say: people with cognitive disabilities and significant communication barriers. Many rely heavily on others to support them every day and are often in segregated environments away from the general community.


We acknowledge the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and have signed onto the ACT Human Rights Act.


Your donation will support two key areas of our work for the rights of people with disabilities:


1. The Disability Rights Law Centre


The Disability Rights Law Centre works to improve justice outcomes for people with disabilities. Your contribution will assist with access to legal assistance and resources for people with disabilities.


2. Our Self-advocacy Program.


Many people with disabilities find it difficult to speak up for themselves. They may never have had the opportunity to learn how to speak up, or to practice asserting their opinion. We run self-advocacy courses to assist people with disabilities to gain and practice the skills needed to have their say.


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