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Area of Impact: Homeless

Common Ground Canberra has worked in partnership with government, business and the not-for-profit sector to develop permanent, high quality, supportive and safe housing for Canberra's most vulnerable homeless people.

The ACT Government generously provided a site in the Gungahlin Town Centre for an initial development of 40 one bedroom units, which were opened on 3 July 2015 and are currently fully tenanted.

The Common Ground model is a proven evidence-based supported housing model which has been successfully implemented across Australia and internationally.  The key tenets of the Common Ground model are:

- ensuring an integrated social mix of tenants (with 50% of tenants who previously experienced homelessness and 50% of persons on low incomes);
- providing tenants with a range of support services (including social welfare, tenancy services, health services, counselling and employment/training support) which assist the person to maintain housing and, in time, fully integrate with the community by pursuing training, employment and other opportunities.  Some services are provided onsite while others may be provided through existing community service partners; 
- providing high quality, secure accommodation that integrates with the surrounding environment; 
- ensuring safety of tenants and others by engaging a 24-hour/7 day concierge service to manage entry into Common Ground facilities and provide emergency support to tenants; and
- providing affordable housing (with rents for formerly homeless tenants capped at 25% of net income).

Your donation will go towards the Common Ground Canberra capital fund to develop and expand upon our existing building and services, and the annual recurring costs of this facility.  Donations and in-kind support from individuals and businesses are critical to ensuring that a full range of support services can be provided to tenants and we thank you for your support.

A tax receipt will be issued from A Canberra Housing Proposal Ltd ABN 99 150 008 996

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