Our Charities

Hands Across Canberra encourages for purpose organisations working with vulnerable people in Canberra and the nearby region to register with us. There are currently over 250 charities and community service organisations who we engage, assist and support every day. We create campaigns to encourage philanthropy and make it easier for Canberrans to give - to the community as a whole or to their charity of choice - through Hands Across Canberra.

We exist to support, build capacity and empower local charities and community organisations associated with us and we work to enhance their ability to support Canberra's most vulnerable people. We are deeply familiar with their needs and opportunities because we work with them on a regular basis. 

We focus on creating sustainable organisations and we build relationships between charities and community organisations, with the community at large as well as with Government.

To find a charity working with people in your area of interest you can search through our registered charities here. For example if you would like to donate to a local children's charity - enter 'children' in the search bar.