The Canberra Relief Network

The Canberra Relief Network is a collaboration of community service organisations in the ACT supported by the ACT Government in response to the sudden and overwhelming demand for food and non-perishable household essentials item that is occurring and is expected to increase as a direct result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The Canberra Relief Network was established in recognition that this unprecedented crisis disproportionately impacts individuals in our community who were already vulnerable:  current food pantry and community service clients and individuals who receive various forms of government income support. The economic crisis precipitated by the COVID-19 Pandemic means that we anticipate that a new group of individuals who have never interacted with the social welfare system will find themselves in need. The Canberra Relief Network will be a central point for procurement and distribution to organisations.  This will enable and empower organisations to focus on the unprecedented demand in addition to existing caseloads.


How Covid-19 is impacting the community sector?


While COVID-19, is affecting everyone, nonprofits are already feeling the strain as they simultaneously adjust their work environments to ensure the safety and well-being of staff and volunteers and demand for their programs and services surges. The cancellation of fundraising events, training and conferences further exacerbates the situation and impacts their finances, capacity, and resources. The long-term impact on community organisation’s bottom-line will affect the capacity of many nonprofits to serve their clients in the months, and possibly years, to come if they are not adequately supported. 

We don’t know how long disruption will happen for, and what the full extent of issues will be.  We do know that vulnerable people in our community will be impacted more than others.

As a community foundation, it is our duty to stand with local organisations that serve our most vulnerable citizens and encourage fellow Canberrans to support in whatever way they can. For this reason we are actively supporting the Canberra Relief Network.

How you can help


1. Support this network and it's affiliates by donating here. In addition, all funds donated from 23 March to Hands Across Canberra will go to supporting the community sector response to Covid-19.

2. Donate your time to support our community sector during the Covid-19 crisis by registering your interest. Visit for more information.