Set-up a named fund

Hands Across Canberra’s named funds are a wonderful and effective way of giving back to the community and getting directly involved in philanthropy, without the cost and administration of starting your own charitable trust or private foundation.

You may wish to create a named fund to support a cause dear to you, in memory of a loved one, as a way of demonstrating impactful CSR, or simply because you want to make a difference in your community. 

You can establish your own named fund for as little as $10,000. This can be done immediately or later through your estate or will. 


It's easy to set up your fund, just follow these two steps:

1. Choose from 2 types of named funds:

Community advised funds: Community advised funds are channelled together to maximise impact in the areas our community needs most support with. Every year Hands Across Canberra assesses where the need is greatest with the community through consultations, expert advice and evaluations.  The organisations close connection to the community, means that your funds will reach the areas and issues that need the most support through the annual grant programmes.

Designated funds:a designated fund allows you to name charities or causes that you wish to support in perpetuity through annual grant payments. 

All contributions to a fund are tax deductible and will benefit charities, organisations or causes working in Canberra and the region that have a tax-deductible Gift recipient status (DGR1). 

2. Ask us for the Named Fund Application Form, fill it out and make your first donation. Donors can remain anonymous or choose their level of involvement and online profile.


Benefits of a Hands Across Canberra named fund: 

  • Efficiency: avoid unnecessary cost and time on investing, reporting and administering your endowment. Hands Across Canberra is responsible on behalf of the named fund for all the administration, reporting and governance as required by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.
  • Responsible growth: As a sub-fund of Hands Across Canberra, your fund benefits from professional investment management with particular emphasis on socially and environmentally friendly investing practices. 
  • Impact: Together with other named funds, we can make a bigger, deeper and more targeted impact in the community. Named fundholders benefit from Hands Across Canberrra’s close connection to the community, local knowledge and understanding of the charitable sector with over nine years of experience. 
  • One gift, forever: donations invested in named funds will benefit the community forever 
  • Trust: As the named fund is part of Hands Across Canberra’s trusted, audited and established infrastructure, you can rest assured that your gift is in good hands.


Thank you for supporting the work of Hands Across Canberra. For more information about setting up a named fund don’t hesitate to contact us.