Corporate giving

Companies can only thrive when the communities in which they trade are also flourishing. Hands Across Canberra can support and enhance the way your organisation carries out it’s philanthropic efforts in Canberra.  There are a number of ways you can get involved with us as a company: by partnering with us, sponsoring a Hands Across Canberra event, starting a company sub-fund, making in-kind donations, or outsourcing your organisation’s charitable giving program for maximum impact.


Partner with us

We can’t do it without you. Choose Hands Across Canberra as your annual charity partner and donate all proceeds from workplace events and fundraisers to the foundation. If you'd like to partner with us please let us know.


Sponsor a Hands Across Canberra event

Hands Across Canberra organises various events such as the annual lunch throughout the year. If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor of the event, please contact us.


Start a company fund

Hands Across Canberra’s named funds are a wonderful and effective way of giving back to the community and getting directly involved in philanthropy, without the cost and administration of starting your companies own charitable trust. Corporations can establish their own named fund for as little as $10,000. 


Make an in-kind donation

Does your company have talent that it would like to share with us to make us and/or the community organisations we work with better and maximise our impact? Get in touch and tell us how you can help.   


Volunteer together with colleagues

Throughout the year Hands Across Canberra hosts a number of events with volunteering opportunities. Hands Across Canberra can also connect you with an organisation seeking volunteers. If you'd like to express your interest please get in touch.


Donate to Hands Across Canberra

Hands Across Canberra has been strengthening the network of organisations in Canberra doing great things in our community for almost ten years now. By supporting us, we can continue our commitment to enhance the quality of life in Canberra and the nearby region for our most vulnerable citizens. You can donate directly to Hands Across Canberra or through the organisation's Giving Portal. Donations are tax deductible.