Toora Women Inc.

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Area of Impact: Women

Foundation support: Grant under $1,000

Toora Women Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation which has been delivering services to women in the Australian Capital Territory and surrounds since the early 1980s operating from within the mission of Safety, Respect and Choice for Women. We support women with complex issues who have experienced past or present traumas such as:

  • Domestic and sexual violence  
  • The impacted of their own or another\'s drug and alcohol use and/or mental health issues  
  • Homelessness or needing support to stay out of the homelessness system and  
  • Women in the ACT corrections system

Your donation will be used to help in several areas. 


  • Provide food and shelter for homeless women.
  • Support women with the knowledge and living skills to stay free of drugs and alcohol.
  • Give women, who are facing continual domestic and sexual violence, a safe place to stay until their situation is sorted out.
  • Provide counselling for any woman who has complex problems in her life.
  • Make available a case worker to be there when a woman leaves prison and needs the help and resources to return to society.


Toora Women Inc. is most grateful for any help you can offer  women in the ACT.

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