2018 Fundraising Luncheon

Each year Hands Across Canberra gathers together a number of incredibly generous business partners for our annual fundraising luncheon. This year our luncheon will be held on Friday 26 October at the National Gallery of Australia at 12pm.

We will invite two local charity representatives to join your table to allow both of you to establish new connections and develop ways to help the great work they do. This unique level of engagement between business and charity characterises our events and enables us to achieve better outcomes for Canberrans. 

At this year’s lunch you will also learn more about the creation of the Chief Minister’s Charitable fund, which we believe will encourage an even greater lift in community philanthropy to help make Canberra a better place to live, work and grow.

Hands Across Canberra has had quite a remarkable year already and we hope you will join us to hear how, with your generous support, we have helped so many good causes locally. A table of eight at our Luncheon including a two-course meal and alcoholic beverages is $3,000. The Board of Hands Across Canberra and I really hope to see you and your wonderful team at our lunch on 26 October.


Register for the 2018 Fundraising Luncheon today!

For any enquiries about the luncheon or how to book, please contact Elizabeth Picker on 0429 614 297.

Nicole Price Director at JBWere

“It was a great event, well worth attending for the impressive speakers and audience. In relation to blending the corporate sector with the not-for-profit sector, this was a really unique feature of your lunch, well worth doing again. I was seated next to the CEO of Pegasus, and before the lunch finished we had exchanged contact details and were discussing ways we could benefit Pegasus through my connection with clients, and via my firms philanthropic and investment advisers. I’m so pleased it was the success you were hoping for.”