Giving in Australia

Posted 22 November 2010

Giving in Australia

Philanthropy in Australia takes many forms, for example, corporate and business donations, foundations and trusts, prescribed private funds, individual givers, responsible investment, bequests/wills, donations/pay roll deductions (workplace giving), volunteering, donating skills, donating assets, corporate linked foundations, awards, scholarships, sponsorships, cultural gifts, property and fundraising.

In Australia in 2006, personal donations of money to organisations were made by 11.8 million people. Concerns for people’s basic welfare needs, be they at home or abroad, still appears to be the greatest incentive for people to give money donations.

In 2005 the Federal Government commissioned the Giving Australia Report which found that 51% of donations made during the study period were one-off donations, other forms of donations are more central to sustaining organisations in the longer term. This includes donations in the form of: regular and generous giving built on a long-term relationship with individual or corporate givers; large grants or sponsorship; and partnership with business.

The report contends that the key to increasing philanthropy in Australia is to increase the capacity of the non-profit sector to access philanthropic funds.

Download the Giving Australia Report or visit the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) website

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