Impact - Everyman Australia

HAC Foundation support

Everyman Australia wishes to acknowledge the generous support provided by ACT philanthropic foundation, Hands Across Canberra, in a joint commitment to address and reduce the incident of Domestic and Family Violence in the Canberra region.


"Everyman Australia counselling, disability services, preventing violence and preventing anger, accommodation and support services, and the specialist behaviour change program for men who have been violent to women, are critically important services to our community." ACT Victims for Crime Commissioner, John Hinchey

Hands Across Canberra is committed to reducing the recidivism rate of men who have been violent to women. “This vital financial support from Hands Across Canberra, has enabled Everyman Australia to address previously unmet needs within the community, through the introduction of new Domestic Violence prevention programs” said Greg Aldridge, Executive Director of Everyman Australia. 

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