Why was Hands Across Canberra formed?

Hands Across Canberra was formed is response to a growing recognition that while Canberrans are generally very generous, many local donations were supporting national and international causes and there was need for an emphasis on Canberrans helping Canberrans. Learn more here.

Isnā??t Canberra fairly wealthy?  Why do we need to donate locally?

While Canberra is a relatively well-off community, however there are many individuals and families in our community who have a real need. The statistics are very alarming. Learn more here.

Is Hands Across Canberra run by government?

Hands Across Canberra is a collaboration between business, government and the community which is run by a volunteer board. Learn more here.

What are the aims of Hands Across Canberra?

When Hands Across Canberra was launched in November 2010, it was about providing a simple way for Canberrans to develop more regular habits about giving to our local community.  Since that time the Foundation has worked to fill a range of gaps with respect to fundraising for our community sector.  Learn more here.

Who is on the Board of the Foundation?

Details on the membership of the Hands Across Canberra Foundation can be found here

Is there a minimum donation to the Foundation?

No, all donations to the Foundation are welcome.  Learn more here.

How much of my donation goes to the community groups?

The online portal that processes all donations to Hands Across Canberra and the registered organisations has been designed to minimise the ongoing administrative costs associated with philanthropy. A number of organisations have resources during the establishment phase and the operational phase to ensure administrative overheads are kept to a minimum. These organisations include CRE8IVE, eWAY, the Commonwealth Bank, the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services and the ACT Public Trustee.

For example, on a donation of $100, less than $1 would go to administration and transaction costs.

These organisations also provide their technical and service skills to ensure that all transactions are secure, managed and invested for maximum return. The ACT Public Trustee Account utilises the Greater Good.-. Canberra Region account infrastructure that enables the ability to obtain tax deductibility if the donor chooses this option. The ACT Public Trustee then provides independent administration, accounting, investment of Foundation funds and reporting to the Hands Across Canberra Board.